Solid State Drive Upgrade

For a while now computers have used quite an old piece of technology to store your data, known as hard drives. These are mechanical devices that contain physical discs and moving parts. As you can imagine, and you might have experienced, these can be very slow (and noisy!).

Now a new piece of technology called Solid State is here to speed up your computer dramatically. A Solid State Drive (Also known as SSD) uses something called Flash Memory that is used in USB memory sticks. These drives do not contain any moving parts, generate no noise and are a lot more efficient. This technology is becoming more and more affordable, and Canntech performs a lot of these upgrades to desktop computers and laptops.

To demonstrate I’ve produced a short video that compares the Solid State Drive to a Hard Drive.

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Free Antivirus & Security for your computer

For most people, making sure their computer is safe and secure from what potentially lurks out there on the internet is a priority, and it should be! But when it comes to antivirus and security for your computer it can be confusing to pick which one is best for you. People also tend to get trapped into thinking paying for security is best – This is not always the case.

Whenever I’m asked for advice on getting security software, I always point people in the direction of free alternatives, and these will perform the same, if not better than the ones you pay out for.

My top favourite free security software is Avast which provides exceptional antivirus protection for your computer. Alongside any modern version of Windows you will be well equipped to fend off security threats! There are other alternatives which also work very well, such as AVG and Bitfender. These all offer free antivirus protection, and all you will have to do is register with them to get your free antivirus. They do also offer paid versions with a few bells and whistles, however the main antivirus part of the security will be the same.

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences with security software then please post a comment!

New website and blog

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